How We Work

At Abacus Robotics, we aim to bridge the knowledge gap that often exists between learner’s observation of working robots and their understanding of the fundamentals of how robots work. We use the VEX robotics platform, components and tools for our education. Our education approach involves the use of classroom based, instructor-led structured teaching, independent study programs, team building activities, and community based learning programs. The specific learning activities include problem analysis, robot design, building, programing, testing, driving, and task accomplishment.

We offer projects that allow students to build, test and program their robots.  This is made possible through our curriculum that contains 2 levels of proficiency – (Explorer Engineer and Junior Engineer).  All students begin at the Explorer Engineer Level and after completing a series of activities and projects, they progress to the next level.  The end result is to have students who are independent learners, capable of troubleshooting and problem solving

Our Curriculum Levels

Students are unique in how they learn.  Our curriculum is designed to allow students to progress at their own pace.  Our focus centers on building and programming proficiency.  Longterm benefits of involvement in robotics are ability to work in teams, ability to comunicate as well as time management.

Explorer Engineer

Introduction to Robotics

Duration: 12 Weeks

All new students start at this level and are provided instructional guidance.  Students work in groups and are provided with projects to complete.  In this learning path, students focus on 3 areas: basic building, programming and driving.  Students will be evaluated by instructors to determine competency for moving to the Junior Engineer Level.

Junior Engineer

Design Process & Integrative Problem Solving

Duration: 24 Weeks

Students are introduced to the engineering design process, where they design, build and test their robotic creations in structured, instructor led sessions.  Students select projects and instructors are available to offer guidance and mentorship. At Abacus Robotics, students are provided with high level goals and challenges that allow them to strengthen their ommunication, problem solving, time management and project management skills   

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