Competitive Robotics

About the IronMechs Team

Dr. Newland Agbenowosi has been the head coach of the team since its early days in 2015.  IronMechs (99157) started as a Middle School Team. It later grew to having both a Middle (99157B) and a High School Team (99157A). 

Other team coaches include Dr. Julie Fant and Dr. Maria Uriyo

2022 – 2023 Competition Season:

Currently, we have the High School (IronMechs) and Middle School (IronMechs 2.0) Teams competing in this season. 

  • High School Team (99157A)
  • Middle School Team (99157B)
    • Winner: VEX Virginia State Championship Design Award 
    • Winner: VEX Worlds Online Challenge for Career Readiness 
    • Finalist: VEX Worlds Online Challenge Virtual Skills 
    • Finalist & Winner: Regional Tournaments
      • Excellence Award
      • Tournament Finalist
99157A Team at 2023 Virginia States Championship
99157B Team at 2023 Virginia States Championship - Design Award Winners!
Team at Virginia States, checking robot performance
Team at Virginia States, discussing robot merits with potential alliance team
1/7/23 Competition - view of the fields
1/7/23: 99157B Team Excellence Award Winners & Tournament Finalists

2021 – 2022 Competition Season:

We had one team, the 99157A High School Team.

12/18/2021: Match at Seton MS/HS, Manassas, VA
12/18/2021: Seton MS/HS, Manassas, VA
11/13/2021:Competing at All Saints Catholic School in Manassas, VA
11/13/2021:Competing at All Saints Catholic School in Manassas, VA


2020 – 2021 Competition Season:

The Teams (Middle and High School) did not compete due to COVID-19.  The teams met virtually throughout the season and sharpened their CAD and 3D printing skills.  

2019 – 2020 Competition Season:

Two teams were coached.  A high-school (99157A) and  a middle school (99157B) team participated during this season.

2019 - 2020: Team 99157A at Virginia State Championship
2019 - 2020: Team 99157B at Virginia State Championship
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