In The Zone | 2017-2018

     VEX Robotics Competition In the Zone is played on a 12’x12’ square field configured as seen right. Two alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a fifteen second autonomous period followed by one minute and forty-five seconds of driver-controlled play.

     The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing Alliance by Stacking Cones on Goals, by Scoring Mobile Goals in Goal Zones, by having the Highest Stacks, and by Parking Robots.

     There are eighty (80) Cones that can be Stacked on ten (10) Goals – 5 per Alliance – during a Match. Some cones begin in designated locations on the field, while others are available to be entered into the field during the Match.

Our Season


     This season was our most successful by far. We attended 8 events, 6 of which were tournaments. During tournament play, we were very successful, often being the #1 alliance. 

     In the online challenges, we submitted 3 entries: the drill disassembly,  website challenge, and Autodesk part design challenge. We were finalists in the Autodesk part design challenge.

     At worlds, we hope to achieve many great things and ultimately bring home the championship trophy!

Competitions and Notable Moments

     This was our first event of the season, and the outcome couldn’t have been better. We achieved 84 points in skills total, comprised of 22 in programming and 62 in driving.

     This tournament started rough, because our mobile goal lift was not designed to be as efficient as it could be. We ended the qualification rounds 3-2, in 10th place.

     In alliance selection, we were picked by the 5th place team, but we ended up being defeated in the quarterfinals by the 4th place alliance.  In the end, we went home with the Judges Award.

     In this competition, we went 6-0 in the qualifying rounds, putting our team in 1st place. During skills, we got 82 points in drivers. Unfortunately, our programming skills did no go as planned.

     We picked the 6th place team and the 15th place team to be our alliances in the elimination round. We beat the 8th and 4th seed alliance putting us in the finals. We defeated the 2nd seed and won the tournament! We also won Robot Skills, and the Excellence Award.

     This was a mixed (high school and middle school) tournament. The day started well, with our robot getting 30 in programming skills and 82 in driver skills for a combined score 112. 

     In the qualification rounds, we went 6-0 with 50 autonomous points. In the elimination round, we selected the 7th place team and the 24th place team to be in our alliance.

     We defeated the 8th and 4th alliances, landing ourselves in the finals. We won the first final match, lost the second, but came back in the third to win the competition! After we got our Tournament Champions award, we were also given the Excellence Award.

     This was also a mixed (high school and middle school) tournament. In the beginning of the day, we did driver and programming skills, earning 82 and 25 points respectively. We finished 2nd place in the skills standings with 107 points.

     In the qualification rounds, we went 4-2 with 30 autonomous points. In the elimination round, we were selected by the 2nd place team.

      We defeated the 7th and 3rd alliances, and again we were in the finals. We unfortunately lost both matches, eliminated by the 1st alliance, comprised of some very efficient stacking robots. On a brighter note, we received the Excellence Award.

     In this skills challenge, we started the day by making some modifications to our robot, so we could drop the preload on the mobile goals easily.

     On the fields, we got 82 in driver skills, and after 8 attempts, achieved 40 points in programming skills! At a grand total of 122 points, this beat our previous record.

     During this tournament, our mobile goal lift was not working properly during autonomous, limiting us to 2 points in programming skills.

     During the matches, we were undefeated and were the 1st alliance. We selected the 2nd seed team for our first pick.  In the quarterfinals, we defeated the 8th seed and moved on to the semis.

     In the first semifinal match, our alliance got disabled during autonomous, which left us alone during the driver period. We lost the first match. 

     In the second semifinal match, we were defeated again by the opposing alliance, unfortunately eliminated us from the tournament.

     On this two-day tournament, we started off well, finishing 4-1 on the first day.

     During the second day, we attempted skills and achieved 72 in driver, 40 in autonomous, giving us a total of 112.

     We finished off our qualification matches 6-2 putting us in 11th place. During alliance selection we were eventually bumped up to the 7th seed.

     In the quarterfinals we played against the 2nd seed and unfortunately lost both matches, eliminating us from the tournament.

    In the end, we were awarded the Design Award, qualifying us for the World Championship!!!!

More Information Coming Soon!

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