Nothing But Net | 2015-2016

     VEX Robotics Competition Nothing But Net is played on a 12’x12’ square field configured as seen above. Two alliances – one “red” and one “blue” – composed of two teams each, compete in matches consisting of a fifteen second autonomous period followed by one minute and forty-five seconds of driver-controlled play.

     There are ninety-four (94) Balls and ten (10) Bonus Balls, available as Scoring Objects. Some Scoring Objects begin in designated locations on the field, while others are available to be entered into the field during to the Match.

Our Season


     This season was our most successful by far. We attended 8 events, 7 of which were tournaments. During tournament play, we did well often being in alliance selection.

     Although we didn’t win any tournaments, we won an Excellence Award. It qualified us for States and Nationals. Since we didn’t win a States, we went to Nationals

     At Nationals, we didn’t get picked for alliance selection but we did win the Energy Award.

Competitions and Notable Moments

    This was our first ever skills challenge. When we practiced, our launcher wasn’t working so we had to take it off.

     Since we didn’t have our launcher, we had to use our intake to score balls in the low goal. Our intake had a horizontal and vertical part to it so it took a pretty long time for the ball to be brought up and scored. The highest score we got was 8 points in driver skills.

     This was our first official tournament. We did not attempt skills. During the first few of our matches, teams weren’t showing up for matches so we automatically won. We ended up being 4-2 and in 12th place (we were actually 5-1 which would put us in 6th place but we didn’t realize that in time to tell the referees).

     We were picked by the 7th seed, then we went on to the semifinals but lost because our launcher wasn’t aimed right.

    This was a middle and high school tournament. We scored 47 in programming skills but we did not attempt driver skills. After the Qualification Matches, we were 6-0 and in 7th place. This was our first time being undefeated.

     We were picked by the 4th seed alliance but lost to the 5th seed. The 5th seed had a consistent launcher which helped them win.

     This was also a mixed tournament making the competition much harder. Our programming skills didn’t work as well because we only scored 30 points. We were 4-2 and in 10th place.

    We were moved up to the 8th seed and we picked 1575D and 154B to be our alliances. We were easily beaten by the 1st seed and eliminated from the tournament.


     This was our second to last chance of qualifying for States. Many of the teams were pretty good. We were 5-0 and the 1st seed alliance.

     We picked the 4th and the 19th ranked team. We went on to the finals but lost to the second seed.

     This was our last chance at qualifying for States. The night before, we made some quick adjustments to our notebook. When we arrived, we almost missed inspection because we arrived late. We ended in 4th place with a 3-2 record.

     We were the 3rd alliance. We went all the way to the finals but lost again to the same team that we did the day before. But at the end, we won the Excellence Award and qualified for States and Nationals.

     This was our one and only chance of qualifying for Worlds.

Driver Skills
Programming Skills
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